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Do You Have An AC That Turns On And Off Constantly? 4 Possible Causes

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When you turn on your air conditioner, the system should run until it attains the temperature programmed on the thermostat before turning off the compressor. So, call an AC repair technician for an inspection if your unit turns on and off before it completes this cycle. Sometimes, the cause of this short cycling could be a wrongly calibrated thermostat, or the wiring may be faulty. Here's a detailed overview of four issues that may lead to AC short cycling:

Your AC Isn't Proportional to Your Home

Some homeowners may believe that installing a big AC will cool their home faster. While this might be true, you will likely face many problems, including short cycling. Remember that a large AC releases a lot of cool air at once while working at optimal speed, leading it to turn off. But as the temperature rises gradually in the space, the thermostat switches the AC back on. If a large-size AC is to blame for the short cycling, your technician will have to replace it with one that's suitably sized. This will help improve your energy efficiency and prevent the compressor from failing.

The Refrigerant Level Is Low

If your appliance's refrigerant level is low, it becomes difficult for your AC to effectively release any absorbed heat from your home. When this happens, the compressor overheats, and your unit shuts down. Once the pressure levels are back at optimum levels, the compressor turns on again. Contracting an AC repair technician to address the refrigerant leak helps save you from incurring huge energy bills due to ineffective operation. The signs of refrigerant leaks to watch out for include the loss of cooling power and hissing sounds from your AC.

The Thermostat Is Malfunctioning

Thermostat problems and improper positioning can also result in short cycling. Your AC may constantly switch itself on and off because it's in the path of direct sunlight or close to appliances that generate heat. In such cases, the technician repositions them along hallways and corridors. Conversely, if the erratic readings from the thermostat are a result of faulty wiring, the AC repair technician likely needs to replace it.

The Air Filter Is Filled With Dirt

You should change your air filter regularly to prevent clogs that may cause short cycling. Keep in mind that when the filters are too dirty, the AC must work harder to ensure proper airflow in your home. Doing this puts a lot of strain on the appliance's parts, e.g., the blower motor, resulting in excessive heat and short cycling. An effective way to address this issue is by replacing your AC's air filter every couple of months.

Short cycling puts a lot of stress on your AC components and causes a spike in your utility bills. It is prudent to contact an AC repair technician if you notice indicators of short cycling. The professional inspects for the above issues and provides a solution.

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