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Common Issues Requiring Professional Residential Boiler Repair

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When money is tight, many homeowners want to go it alone when it comes to basic household repairs. However, there are a few common boiler repairs that homeowners might want to consider leaving to the professionals, like those listed below.

Leaking and Dripping

While it may sound like a simple thing to tighten a few bolts, the solution isn't always that simple. If you don't find the underlying cause of the leaking or dripping water and solve that problem, you could face larger issues — not to mention costlier repairs and water damage in the future. The bottom line is that many issues could cause leaking and dripping in your pipes. A professional boiler repair professional can quickly assess the cause and repair the damage so you can enjoy worry-free heat for your home once again.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

A frozen condensate pipe is another problem that often appears to present a simple solution. However, warming your pipes too quickly or improperly can lead to safety concerns. It is always best to allow someone who has been trained with residential boiler repair concerns and procedures to assume the risk. However, if you decide to go it alone, we strongly encourage you to use protective gloves and eyewear when doing so.

Kettling or Rumbling Sounds

These sounds can be somewhat disturbing. They occur when deposits build up within the heat exchange in your boiler. The problem is far more common in areas where there is hard water but can occur anywhere — even in areas with soft water. While it may not sound like a major problem, it affects the efficiency with which your boiler operates. In turn, this inefficiency causes your boiler to require more frequent replacement and your energy costs to soar.

Temperature Irregularities

This is a symptom of various underlying problems. Any one of the following could be a chief culprit behind irregular hot water or heating temperatures:

  • The thermostat needs to be reset.
  • The thermostat is broken and needs to be replaced.
  • Internal components, such as boiler valves, diaphragms, or airlocks are failing and require replacement.

Because there are so many possible causes, it is best to bring in professional residential boiler repair technicians rather than wasting time and money on the wrong solutions yourself for these common boiler repair needs as well as a few uncommon ones as well.

Your comfort is important. Whether you require a boiler repair or boiler replacement, it is best to bring in qualified and dedicated professionals to do the heavy lifting for you in most cases.