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Reasons to Get Rid of Your Window Air Conditioners and Upgrade to Central Air or a Heat Pump

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If you've been using window air conditioners to stay cool, it may be time to consider upgrading to central air. There are several advantages to having central air over window units, and you have a couple of options for the type of air conditioning you get for your home.

Here's why you might consider getting rid of your window units and making the choice between adding an AC to your HVAC system or getting a ductless heat pump.

Reasons To Stop Using Window Units

Window air conditioners can sometimes be a security risk unless you take steps to make the windows they are in secure. The units are also unattractive inside and outside of your home.

They also get in the way of interior decorating since you have to consider furniture placement when there's an AC in the window that blows cold air where you would sleep or sit. Plus, you can't block the window unit with furniture or curtains.

Window units are heavy and difficult to install, so removing them from your windows for the winter and then putting them back in the summer can be difficult. Plus, you'll need a place to store them if you decide to remove your units during the off-season.

Reasons To Consider A Heat Pump

If you like window air conditioners because you enjoy being able to control the temperature in individual rooms, then you would probably enjoy having a ductless heat pump. With this air conditioning system, you have a blower in each room of your house that lets you control the temperature of the rooms you're in at the time. Plus, the blowers operate with remote controls, just like window air conditioners.

A heat pump system doesn't always need ducts. A ductless system can supply both heat and air conditioning through the blowers without the need for ducts. This saves on the need to buy ducts for your new AC, but you'll still be able to cool every room in your house and control each blower independently.

Reasons To Add An AC To Your Furnace

When you add air conditioning to the HVAC unit you already have, you can use the furnace for the blower and use the same ducts and thermostat. The contractor just needs to add the condenser outside and hook it up to the indoor parts. They'll also add an evaporator coil that has refrigerant to the furnace air handler.

The advantage of choosing this type of air conditioner is that some of the parts are already installed. You won't be able to control the temperature in each room individually, but you'll have better whole-house climate control over using multiple window units.

Plus, you won't have to worry about security issues and ugly window units on your walls. Since central air uses ducts, there won't even be any blowers to look at like you would have with a ductless heat pump.