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The Maintenance And Air Conditioning Repair Services Your System Does, May, And Won't Need Right Now

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What AC maintenance services does your system need? You haven't scheduled a pre- or post-season checkup in years. But you're not sure what types of maintenance your air conditioner really needs right now. Take a look at the essential care services, air conditioning repair options, and other options that your system may or may not need to work at its peak performance.

Your System Does Need An Inspection 

Routine AC maintenance should include a professional inspection. While you can see (and sometimes hear or smell) some signs of wear, you may miss less obvious issues that a trained eye could easily spot. The technician can assess the main central AC unit inside of your home, accessories (such as an air purifier or the thermostat), and the outdoor condenser. 

Your System Does Need A New Filter

When was the last time you replaced or cleaned your air conditioner's filter? If you can't answer this question, a professional-level service can help. When the technician inspects your home's system they'll assess the filter. A clogged or dirty filter can force your air conditioner to work harder than it needs to. This can result in higher electricity bills or the premature need for a new AC installation service. 

A clogged filter can also circulate debris, dust, pollen, and other particles around your home. This can reduce the indoor air quality, making it more likely that you or other household members could have respiratory issues or allergic reactions. Along with a basic air filter check, the tech can recommend a new type of replacement if necessary. 

Your System May Need a Repair or a Replacement

Routine AC services and inspections can lead to the need for a repair or replacement. The inspection itself won't cause an issue that requires an additional service. But the assessment of the unit and its components could reveal serious wear or damage that impacts how well the system cools your home. 

Your System Doesn't Need Refrigerant 

More specifically, your system does need refrigerant unless there is a leak or a previous air conditioning installation issue. Refrigerant shouldn't evaporate with normal AC use. If the routine inspection reveals a low refrigerant level, the technician will look for a leak or other problem. Along with refilling the refrigerant, the AC contractor can also make the necessary repairs to correct the problem and stop future losses.

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