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3 Small AC Repairs That Are Totally Worth Making

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When your air conditioner breaks, you are often left making a decision. Do you have the unit repaired, or do you just buy a new air conditioner? If the cost of the repairs is high, then the answer is not too cut and dry. However, if you are faced with having to make one of the following repairs, you are usually best off just doing the repairs. All of the following repairs are rather inexpensive and easy for an HVAC contractor to perform.

Condensate Drain Pump Replacement

Air conditioners create condensation as they operate. There is a little pump, known as the condensate drain pump, that is meant to pump the condensed fluid to the drain. If this drain pump breaks, your HVAC contractor can replace it pretty simply and inexpensively. The pump is typically located on the outside of the air conditioner, so they don't have to take much apart to replace it. Your AC unit will keep working in the meantime, although it may develop a puddle underneath it.

Capacitor Replacement

The capacitor is a part that tells the motor to start. If a capacitor burns out, which is pretty common in air conditioners, then the motor won't turn on. This is a small part that most HVAC contractors can replace rather quickly and inexpensively. It would be silly to replace a whole air conditioner because the capacitor burnt out.

Drainage Tube Blockage

The drainage tube that is meant to carry the condensate from the coils to the drain pump can sometimes become clogged with algae. This causes water to pool under the air conditioner. Luckily, this tube can either be cleaned out or replaced within minutes. If you know this is the issue affecting your air conditioner, you may even be able to clean it out yourself. This is one of very few HVAC repairs that are safe to attempt on your own! All you need to do is take a damp pipe cleaner and shove it down the drain line, loosening the grime. If that does not work, then reach out to your HVAC contractor and make plans to have them replace the whole line.

It is not always worth it to invest in air conditioner repair, especially when it is old. However, if you're dealing with one of the issues above, you are best off making the repairs. None of these repairs require much time, work, or money.