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Do Temperatures In Your Home Feel Uneven? 4 Reasons Your AC Is Acting Up

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When you turn your air conditioner on, you expect to get cool air in all the parts of your house. But the rooms on the upper floors may feel slightly different, even with a functional AC. However, an extreme temperature variation is a cause for concern. 

If you fail to address this issue in time, you and your family members might begin to fall sick. Additionally, uneven air distribution could damage your HVAC system permanently. Therefore, you need urgent air conditioning repair services to get to the bottom of the matter. This article looks at the possible causes of temperature unevenness in your home.

The Vents and Ducts Are Clogged

The first suspect for temperature variations in your home is a problem in the ducts and vents. Dust and dirt can accumulate in these parts, diminishing the system's efficiency. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy problem to fix. You just need to clean your ducts and vents regularly to ensure the free flow of cool air in all the rooms. 

The House Is Not Well-Insulated

Poor insulation is another leading cause of inefficient circulation of cold air in your home. In most cases, this happens if the house is old. However, you may also experience it if your contractor mishandled the initial installation of the insulation. 

In addition to temperature variations in the rooms, bad insulation also hikes your electric bills. So, in this case, your AC technician will inspect the attic and fix the insulation to prevent the loss of cool air. 

The AC or Ductwork Is the Wrong Size

One of the reasons you should involve an air conditioning expert in the system installation is to avoid mistakes that could cost you later. For instance, you will need ductwork and an air conditioner that rightly suits your needs. Otherwise, the airflow gets compromised with a smaller unit. So to avoid this, consult an air conditioning repair expert during purchase.

The Location of the Rooms

Sometimes poor air circulation has nothing to do with the cooling appliance but the room's location. For example, the further the AC, the lesser the conditioned air reaches the rooms. Also, if a room faces the sunny side of the house, it will feel warmer than the rest, even when the AC is running. 

Usually, numerous factors play a part in how your AC circulates cold air around the home. Thankfully, there are many solutions to uneven temperature variations. But first, consult an air conditioning repair expert as they will help you find the underlying problem and a suitable remedy.