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Why You Should Install A Modulating Gas Furnace

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If you're replacing your old gas furnace, you must consider the performance and efficiency of the incoming unit. An advanced furnace, like a modulating gas furnace, guarantees excellent returns on your investment, and it performs better than other gas furnace alternatives.

In the advanced home heating landscape, modulating gas furnaces are ranked above furnace systems. They feature a modulating gas valve and a variable-speed blower that enable the unit to operate incrementally. This guarantees consistent home temperature and reduced gas consumption. If you want to enjoy precision heating offered by modulating gas furnaces, an experienced HVAC technician must configure the system to boost efficiency and comfort.

Here are reasons why a modulating gas furnace is worth installing.

Increased Energy Efficiency

While other gas furnace systems can heat or cool your home, installing a modulating gas alternative enables you to enjoy optimal heating efficiency. The furnace leverages fan speed technology that capitalizes on minor adjustments to heating your rooms as needed. The fan in the unit rarely runs on high control, meaning they consume less energy than a conventional single-stage furnace. 

After running a full cycle to meet the requisite heating environment, modulating gas furnaces inch down to a more consistent speed without cycling. Indeed, these gas furnaces present outstanding operational efficiency, consume less gas, and reduce humidity levels. This way, you don't have to turn down the thermostat in the hot season, and you save immensely on your cooling bills.

Temperature Consistency

If you rely on an alternate gas furnace, you are likely to face consistent temperature swings in your rooms. Ideally, a single-stage gas furnace runs after detecting temperature decline by a few degrees. When you install a modulating gas furnace, you can maintain the home's temperature within a degree or less based on your thermostat settings. 

If you rely on low and high heating controls, you'll experience discomfort and zoning issues. A modulating furnace rectifies that by leveraging incremental configurations. This allows you to customize comfort in different rooms, each with a constant temperature.

Quieter Operation

Installing a modulating gas furnace guarantees more than a comfortable home. Compared to other gas furnace systems, they operate quietly. Conventional furnaces emit a lot of noise by the time they achieve optimum heating levels. Modulating furnaces rely on variable speed mechanisms to tone down fan speeds. You must note that your advanced furnace must emit some noise when switched on, and a modulating furnace will emit negligible noise as well.