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Propane Delivery: How And When To Have It Done

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If you have propane-operated appliances, like your water heater or heating and cooling units, then having propane delivery done is a necessity. You don't want to run out of propane at any time, nor do you want to be put in a position where you have to buy large amounts of propane at once when rates are especially high.

Propane, like many natural gases, fluctuates in price depending on supply and demand in the industry. When there is a high demand for propane — which is a by-product of natural gas and crude oil — then the prices will be higher. If demand is low, then prices will be lower. This is why it matters knowing when and how to have your propane delivery done. You cannot only save money when you know when and how to have propane delivery done, but you can also make sure your propane tank never runs empty.

Your HVAC contractor should be called to look at your propane tank if you have any issues with your units suddenly using more propane than normal, you suspect a leak, or your carbon monoxide detector or other gas detector has gone off. Propane gas can be deadly if it leaks, so treat the gas with care. Here are tips for the most efficient propane delivery service.

Buy propane in bulk

It's best to buy propane in bulk, meaning you fill your propane tank when it's low and not on a monthly basis. Unless you have a very small propane tank or you use more propane during certain times of the year than others, bulk buying can be most cost-effective. This is because you only pay the current rate for propane when you have your tank filled, have just the single up-front cost to factor into your budget, and you eliminate a majority of service fees when your propane tank is only filled a few times a year rather than on a regular schedule.

Buy propane during non-peak seasons

A general rule to follow with propane delivery is that propane is cheaper in the warmer months and more expensive in the cooler months. As such, you should buy in bulk during the warmer seasons for these reasons. In addition, the propane you need is more likely to be available and you aren't running the risk of a low or empty tank when you need to keep your home cool or have access to hot water. Your propane delivery specialist can put you on a delivery schedule that works best for your needs. Contact a propane delivery company to learn more.