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Furnace Installation Projects During Winter Weather When You Need Your Heating The Most

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When your furnace quits working, repairs may not be the best solution. Sometimes, you may not be able to have the problems with an older furnace repaired. Therefore, you may need to have to replace the furnace during the winter months. There are some things to consider about a winter furnace replacement project. The following information will help you with your project:

Choosing the new furnace equipment to be installed

The furnace equipment you have installed is the first thing you will want to consider. There are several options for replacing your system with more efficient equipment, which include:

  • High-efficiency electric furnace
  • More efficient conventional gas furnace
  • Updated furnace blower for more efficient airflow
  • Modern programmable HVAC thermostat

These are some of the options for the equipment to have installed with your winter furnace replacement.

Do Only Essential Work During the Winter Weather

You have many improvements that you want for your HVAC system. Many of the improvements may not be critical issues that need to be done right away. Instead, invest in only the most essential repairs that need to be done, such as:

  • Temporary furnace repairs to postpone the replacement
  • Replacing only the furnace unit for winter
  • Repairing ducts and air handler equipment

This is the essential work that you will want to have done now. The other HVAC improvements can be completed in spring when the weather is a little warmer.

Scheduling the Furnace Replacement During Nice Weather

The problem with replacing the furnace in your home during winter is the cold weather. You are probably still going to need your heating. It is better to schedule the replacement when there is a window of opportunity.

Safely Heating Your Home While a New Furnace is Installed

The job of replacing your furnace may not be simple. It is work that can take time to complete, and you will still need heating. When you are heating your home with other sources, you want to be safe. A few tips to safely heat your home while the new furnace is installed include:

  • Clean the fireplace and use firewood
  • Install a wood-burning stove to use for heat
  • Use space heaters, but turn them off before sleeping
  • Seal up windows and use more covers at night

These are things you can do to safely heat your home while you have a new furnace installed. It is not good to use gas heaters indoors or to leave space heaters on while sleeping. Call a furnace installation service for help with planning the project to complete it quickly.