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3 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Furnace

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Even though furnaces are expected to last anywhere from 16 to 20 years, eventually, something will happen with your heating system that necessitates a brand-new furnace installation. It can be hard to know when your system is beyond repair though, so here are a few signs that can help you determine if that time has come. If any of the signs below look familiar, contact an HVAC company to schedule a furnace repair appointment.

Your Furnace Is Unsafe

As with everything else in your home, there are a number of potential dangers that exist with your home's heating system that most homeowners are simply unaware of. For instance, an electrical connection that's powering your furnace can become frayed and create a potential fire hazard. If you use a gas-powered furnace, a simple leak can emit carbon monoxide in your home and can be potentially fatal. While you may be able to simply schedule furnace repairs to have the problem solved, you should also look for signs around your home to see if the issue is with your furnace itself, such as excessive rust and moisture, a yellow pilot light, or soot streaks around your furnace. If you see these, you need to have a brand-new furnace installation performed as soon as possible.

Your Furnace Is Old

As mentioned above, furnaces can last a long time, but everything will eventually break down. Once your unit starts to reach the halfway point of their expected lifespan, your repairs will become more costly and more frequent. Instead of simply paying for constant furnace repairs, you might want to consider a brand-new furnace installation instead. Not only will your repairs decrease significantly, but you'll also have a brand-new warranty to help give you peace of mind.

Your Furnace Isn't Efficient

Like everything else in your house, furnace technology has improved exponentially over the last few decades. Today's models are much more energy-efficient than they used to be, which means that a brand-new installation can actually save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if your repair bills are starting to add up. Moreover, while a furnace may not exactly sell your home, having an older, outdated model may negatively affect your home's resale value. It may be that upgrading your home's furnace may be exactly what you need to sell your home for the maximum amount.

To learn more about furnace repair, contact a HVAC company near you.