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3 Hard-To-Ignore Signs Of A Residential HVAC Air Compressor Issue

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You rely on your air conditioning system to keep your home comfortable. This convenience is taken for granted by some individuals. Perhaps you have missed a few service appointments but feel like your HVAC system is performing well. Routine maintenance services are recommended to minimize the chances of homeowners having problems with their HVAC systems. The service appointments can detect problems and result in repairs that can help property owners avoid expensive repairs or premature system replacements. 

The air compressor in your AC system is a critical component, and replacing an entire AC system might be the consequence of having an irreparable air compressor. There are several factors that can influence whether a repair or replacement is wise. HVAC contractors will likely assess the entire AC system and use factors such as age, other damaged components, and the cost of repairing versus investing in a new AC system. The following points identify some things you might notice if your air compressor is malfunctioning. 

Warm Air Distribution

There are a number of issues that can cause your AC to blow warm air. However, if it is compressor-related, you might hear the compressor running. The issue is that the culprit could be a dangerous and damaging refrigerant leak. Breathing in fumes from refrigerant leaks can cause illness. Excessive leakage can also lead to complete compressor failure. This is why you should not attempt to continue operating your AC if it is not cooling or if you notice significant changes in its cooling.

Annoying Noise

This is another symptom that could be related to an issue other than your AC compressor. Normal, functioning AC systems operate quietly or with a low humming sound. This is why noisiness is alarming to homeowners who are not used to hearing annoying sounds when using air conditioning.

The origination of these sounds needs to be determined by a professional. Even if it is not your compressor making the noises, damaged components of the AC system can force the air compressor to work harder and may cause it to fail or become severely damaged. 

Electrical Issues

The circuit breaker in your home is installed for safety purposes. Some homeowners mistakenly think that if their circuit breakers repeatedly trip when they are using their AC systems that there must be an electrical problem.

Frequent tripping is indicative that the power required to operate the AC is being exceeded. This can happen for numerous reasons, including using other appliances that need electricity. However, if it is related to your AC compressor, there is a threat of damaging the system if you continue to reset it every time it rips out. There is an even greater danger if the tripping is due to the air compressor overheating, which could cause a house fire. 

To learn more, contact an AC repair contractor.