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3 Indoor Air Quality Products That Might Help You Breathe More Easily

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If your home is sealed and insulated well, your HVAC operates more efficiently, but you may have concerns about indoor air quality. An HVAC can improve air quality alone by reducing humidity and allowing you to close windows to keep out pollen and other allergens. Still, you may need to add other equipment to improve air quality even more, especially if you have allergies or asthma. Here are three options to consider.

1. Run A Dehumidifier To Reduce Mold

A central air conditioner acts as a dehumidifier. When warm air passes over the cooling coils, condensation forms as moisture is pulled from the air. The condensation is then drained from the HVAC and the humidity in your home is lowered. In some cases, you might need the help of an additional dehumidifier.

You might need to place one in the basement or your main living space. With less humidity in the air, there might be less mildew and mold to irritate your allergies. Plus, with a lower indoor humidity, your home will seem cooler at a higher temperature and that could help with your power bill and your ease of breathing.

2. Use An Air Purifier Or Filter To Trap Allergens

Even if you're careful about keeping your home closed so allergens can't get inside, you'll still carry them home in your hair and on your clothing. A HEPA filter or other type of air purifier can pull the allergens out of the air. In addition, dust and other bothersome particulates are removed as well so your indoor air is cleaner.

Your HVAC has a filter that you change regularly, and this helps clean your air too, but the main purpose of this filter is to keep the HVAC clean. You can buy a separate air purifier or have one added to your HVAC that's intended to clean the air that you breathe. Adding a purifier to your HVAC is a good idea since all the air is continually circulated through the HVAC as long as the system is running.

3. Add A UV Light To Kill Germs

UV lights are effective at killing germs that can make you sick. If you have a compromised immune system, you may want to buy an air purifier that has a UV light or buy a UV light that's added to your HVAC. The UV light helps keep your HVAC free from germs and mold that would get blown through your house, and the light helps sanitize the air that circulates through the system.

Whether you're getting a new HVAC or you're looking for ways to retrofit your old system to improve indoor air quality, an HVAC contractor can probably help. They may install a filter or UV light to improve air quality or recommend ways to make your current HVAC operate optimally when it comes to removing humidity and keeping your home comfortable so you can breathe easily.