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Why Does Your Heater Sound Funny?

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Did you hear something odd the last time you turned your heater on? Does your heater seem to always emit a strange or even frightening sound that you can't quite stand? If you smell smoke or sense fire coming from your heater, then you should turn the unit off immediately and call for emergency heating repair. Otherwise, here is a guide to help you understand just why your heater may be giving off a loud or strange noise that you can't quite place. Your heating specialist will assist you in repairing the issues that are bothering you and will make your home more pleasant when the heater is on as well.

Something got spilled in the vent

If you have heater vents in the floor or along with the lower areas of your walls, then something could have spilled in the vent, causing both a rancid or food-smelling odor to come from the heater when it's on and a strange sound as the food particles rattle around while the air blows it around. Or, a toy could have been knocked into the vent, causing a strange sound only when the heater is on. Your heating specialist will use a special tool to look deep inside your vents to identify anything spilled in these areas and can clean out the vents to remove the offending particles. If the vents have been damaged or the vent openings need to be replaced, these repairs can be made during the service call.

The fan blades are chipped or bent

The heater operates by using fan blades to blow the hot air throughout your home. If your heater is not operating as it should, then it can cause the blades to hit the casing that goes around the fan. This will make the fan emit a crazy rattling sound or even the sound of rapid drumming. Since the fan blades can be damaged badly if the continue to hit the casing or may be showing signs of wear in other ways if they are making noise, you need to get the heater checked out right away before the blades wear out completely.

The heater motor is starting to wear out

The heater motor may be starting to wear out if the heater makes a whining or keening sound, or kicks on and off while making strange noises, when it's in operation. Your heater will show you many signs that the motor is going out, but noise may be the most obvious one. Get your repairs done by a licensed HVAC specialist before turning on your heating unit again.