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3 Surprising Signs Of Impending AC Failure

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An air conditioning unit is the workhorse that makes a home comfortable during hot summer days. Unfortunately, air conditioners can receive very little attention until they begin to malfunction. All homeowners need to know the warning signs of an impending AC failure.

You can probably guess that strange sounds or a lack of cool air are good indicators that there is a problem, but there are some surprising warning signs that you should be aware of so that you can schedule repairs for your air conditioner before it's too late.

1.  Unexplained Moisture

All air conditioners create moisture as a part of the cooling process. This moisture is collected in a dedicated condensate line and funneled into a drip pan. If you spot water coming from anywhere else, this is a sign that your AC system is malfunctioning.

Condensation that accumulates in your air ducts is especially concerning. This type of moisture indicates that your air conditioner is experiencing a major mechanical problem. You can usually tell if condensation is building up in your air ducts by monitoring the humidity level inside your home.

Contact an experienced repair technician for help if you identify any unexplained moisture in or around your AC system.

2. Strange Smells

Your AC system should have the ability to cool your home without creating a noticeable change in the smell of your living spaces. If you do notice a strange smell blowing through your ducts when the air conditioner kicks on, this is cause for concern.

The most alarming smell that can be produced by an AC unit is a metallic odor. Any odor that has a metallic tinge can be a sign that the wiring which powers your AC unit is overheating and beginning to burn. If you don't have the unit repaired immediately, you could be stuck having to replace the entire AC unit in the near future.

3. Weak Air Output

The air output of your AC system should be monitored at all times so that you can identify when changes occur. You will probably notice a total lack of air output, but a reduction in air output may go unnoticed for a period of time.

If you have checked to make sure that all your vents are open and the flow of cool air through your home is still weak, you should call an air conditioning repair technician. The problem could be caused by a clogged fan, a loose belt, or a stuck blower wheel.