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What To Do When Your Commercial Refrigerators Are Not Staying Cool

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If you have a business where you prepare and sell food, you likely have a lot of commercial refrigeration equipment inside your establishment. The commercial refrigerators tend to have much larger cooling systems than basic refrigerators that people would use at home. The large cooling system is a necessity when you have a lot of food and beverages to keep cool. After all, you must store the food you are serving at the proper temperatures or else you could put your customers at risk of developing foodborne illnesses. If you are suddenly having a problem with one or more of your commercial refrigerators, you will need to have it serviced by experienced contractors who can handle the situation for you at a rather quick pace.

Check That Everything Is Plugged In Correctly

Prior to making the phone call to the contractors that provide commercial refrigeration services, you should make sure that your equipment is plugged in correctly. When you have several employees coming in and out of the building to handle the workload, there is always that chance that someone could unintentionally pull a wire from the outlet, causing the refrigerators to stop keeping the food cool. If everything is plugged in but the commercial refrigerators are not working, you have a bigger problem to deal with.

Have Your Equipment Checked Out

You will need to quickly have your equipment checked out to find out why it is not working to keep the food cool. While you are waiting for the contractor to arrive, you should quickly begin transporting food and beverages from the malfunctioning refrigerator to one that is working. If none of the refrigerators are working inside the building, you should get an ice chest, fill it with ice, and begin putting food and beverages inside of it. If those items do not stay cool, they are going to spoil, and you will end up losing out on some of the money you spent while running out of product when your customers come in to order food.

Make Sure the Situation Is Handled Correctly

While checking out your equipment, the contractors may notice a few different issues that are going on. The compressor that works to keep the equipment cool could have something caught inside of it, or it could be broken. It may need to get thoroughly cleaned out. If the compressor is broken, it needs to get replaced. Commercial refrigerators can stop functioning properly when the thermostat is broken. The contractors can test it out to determine if it needs to get replaced or not. Aside from these issues, you could have a leak somewhere that has simply gone undetected.

If there is a leak, there is likely a larger problem that is causing it. The defrost drain may be clogged. If so, the contractors would need to work on clearing out the drain to put a stop to the leak and to get your commercial refrigerator back to working condition. Because it is a challenge to detect the problem when many things can go wrong, it is better to find experienced contractors who can get to you quickly to check out your equipment and resolve any issues for you.

Because you run a business where you are preparing and selling food, you likely rely heavily on your commercial refrigerators to keep both food and beverages at cool temperatures. If any of these refrigerators stop working properly, you will need to find experienced commercial refrigeration contractors who can get to you quickly to resolve the issues that you are experiencing before the food starts spoiling. While the equipment may not work properly at the moment, there is a good chance that you can have it all fixed instead of having to replace these items.