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3 Things To Consider When Deciding Whether To Repair Or Replace Your Home's Air Conditioner

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Are you dealing with a broken air conditioner at home? Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to have it repaired or replaced:

Your Current System's Age

One important consideration to make when deciding whether to have your home's air conditioning system is the system's age and overall condition. If your air conditioner is decades old, you may find that replacing the system altogether will save you money and time in the coming years because you won't have to worry about making more repairs anytime soon. And the older an air conditioner is, the more likely it will be to break down as time goes on.

If your air conditioning system is just a couple years old, it's probably a better idea to just have the system repaired instead of spending money on an entirely new one as there is likely many more years of life left in it. If you aren't sure how old your air conditioner is, your service technician can inspect it and help you determine its approximate age.

Repair and Maintenance Records

It is also a good idea to consider your air conditioner's past maintenance and repair records when deciding whether to have it repaired or replaced altogether. Even if your air conditioner is just a couple of years old, you might want to think about replacing it if you've had to make multiple repairs since it has been installed because chances are that you'll be making even more repairs in the future. And even if your air conditioner is several years old, it might be worth just repairing it and keeping it around if you haven't had to make many repairs in the past.

The same considerations should be made when it comes to maintenance. If you haven't kept up on maintenance, your system may have been exposed to more wear and tear than necessary and might need to be replaced to minimize the chance of breakdowns in the future. On the other hand, a well-maintained system can probably perform for many more years after being repaired.

Your Current and Future Budget

You should also consider your current and future budget when deciding whether to replace or repair your air conditioner. If it's in your budget now, you might want to consider having your air conditioner replaced if it's older even if a repair could keep it working for years to come – you might not have an opportunity to replace it later!

And if you don't have the budget to cover an air conditioner replacement now, consider your expected future financial situation. Will you have money for more repairs or a replacement in the future? If not, consider financing your air conditioning replacement.

You'll know exactly what to budget for in the coming years and you'll have peace of mind in knowing that you'll be financially protected by the manufacturer's warranty if something goes wrong with the system while you're paying it off.