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Reduce Energy Consumption And Use Insulation To Lessen Your Heating Bill This Winter

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If you get socked with a few ridiculously high utility bills each winter, your electric heating system and the manner in which you use it, along with the insulation methods that are available, can have a bearing on the sudden jump in price. Use some strategies to reduce energy consumption and keep your home's interior cozy.

Briefly Clean The Heating Unit

A dust-free zone is essential when it comes to the efficient operation of your central heating unit. This requires the inspection of the unit's casing, vents, and filter. If dust balls are stuck to the corners of the unit or in between the vented slats, a feather duster or vacuum cleaner hose should be used to collect clumps of dirt.

Only perform cleaning duties when the electric heater is turned off, and remember to check the filter each time that you perform a brief cleaning session. Purchase several filters at once and write down the date that a filter is changed. Post this information on your refrigerator. This will prompt you to check the cleanliness of the unit and filter before a lot of time has elapsed.

Only Heat Rooms That Are Occupied

If you believe that keeping the thermostat set at a specific temperature for the duration of the winter will be the most cost-effective way of heating your home, you may be wasting energy instead of being responsible. Heating rooms that are not occupied or leaving the heat on around the clock is making your electric heating unit work overtime.

In fact, this could even cause parts of the unit to wear down prematurely. A better method is to close doors to rooms that are not being used. This way, the rest of the house will heat up quickly. Don't change the thermostat temperature a lot, but do take into consideration that there will be some days when the weather is more temperate than others.

When it is sunny out and well above freezing, give your heating unit a break. After turning off the unit, open the curtains or blinds in your home to let the sunlight in so that it heats up the interior of your home. 

Use Storm Windows, Blinds, And Curtains For Insulation

Doors and windows may be letting heat escape from your home if they are not properly insulated. If you have storm panes that you took off the windows last spring or summer, take the time to install them. Double panes will reduce the amount of heat that escapes. Hang thick blinds or curtains over exposed glass to assist with insulating the rooms in your home.