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How To Tell If Your HVAC Is Acting Up

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Unless you want to be stuck inside of a cold house all winter long, it's important that you not only know how to take care of your HVAC but how to also tell if something is wrong with it. From weird sounds to a lack of heat, this article will list a few basic ways to tell if your HVAC is acting up. Are you ready to learn more? If so, read on.

Weird Sounds

Yes, it's normal to hear the sound of air rattling through your vents every time you turn on your heater, but it's not quite as normal to hear banging sounds. If you start to hear loud or quiet banging sounds, it may mean that the air from your furnace is having a hard time getting in or through the vents. Make sure that you call an HVAC repair person right away.

Burning Smells

When you first turn your furnace on for the winter, you may notice that it smells a little bit funny; this is usually normal because it just means that you haven't turned it on in a while. However, if it has been weeks since it's been on and it smells like something is burning, then there may be a large problem with it. Before you call an HVAC repair person, turn off our heater so that the problem doesn't get worse.

No Hot Air

When you turn your thermostat up, the heat in your house should go up as well. If, however, you have noticed that the temperature isn't going up even though you're turning the heat up, then you may have a problem with your furnace. Try turning your heater completely off and then wait about 10-15 minutes to turn it back on. Have you noticed that the problem is better? Sometimes old furnaces need a little bit of a restart. If the problem is still there, then you should make sure to call an HVAC repair technician to come out right away.

Having a warm house is something that everyone wants during the dead of winter. Make sure that you keep these tips in mind. To learn more about what you should do if you run into an issue with your furnace or to have your furnace repaired, make sure that you contact an heating repair technician today and they can help you out.  They should be able to get to the root of the problem right away.