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4 Common Central Heater Problems

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Freezing weather is not only uncomfortable to live in when you don't have a working heater in your house, but it can also lead to pipes freezing up. Although it is possible to obtain warmth via portable heaters, they are not usually able to provide warmth to an entire house. If there is a central heating system in your house that doesn't work, it is worth hiring a technician to inspect the parts to find out what is in need of a repair. The repair might only require the minimal amount of work being done no matter how severe you think the problem is. Browse the content below for an explanation of a few things that might be responsible for the lack of heat: 

1. There is Possibly a Gas Problem

An insufficient amount of gas might be the problem if you have a furnace that uses it. One thing that can be checked is the level of gas pressure that flows through the pipes in your house. A professional should be hired to inspect anything that has to do with gas, as doing it on your own is a safety risk that can lead to an explosion. The gas pressure might have to be increased, or it is possible that there is a leak in a pipe that requires a prompt repair.

2. Electrical Work Might Be Needed

It is common for many models of furnaces to use electricity in order to work, although certain models can run without it. Get the electrical aspects of your furnace inspected in case there is a short in a wire. It is also a good idea for the electrical panel in your house to be inspected, as the circuit breaker that the furnace obtains electricity from might be damaged.

3. Combustion Has Stopped Taking Place

A central heating system is able to provide warmth for a house through the process of combustion, which takes place in the furnace. Basically, the pilot must be in good shape in order for a flame to ignite and combustion to take place. Incomplete combustion can not only cause heating problems, but it puts you at risk for exposure to carbon monoxide. Get the furnace pilot inspected in case it is in need of being repaired, but it might simply need to be reignited for the problem to be resolved.

4. The Blower Assembly Doesn't Work

A central heater will be unable to warm up a house if there is something stopping the air from flowing. The blower assembly is the main part that the system requires for air to flow. Find out if the blower assembly is broken down and unable to produce air, such as by getting the fan and motor inspected by a heating technician.

Contact a heating system repair company for more information and assistance.