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Simple Tips To Help Fix Furnace Blower Problems

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The blower of your furnace drives air into the heating system. It is also responsible for pushing heat out of the system and into your home. Any problem with this unit is bound to affect not only the heating ability of the system, but also the amount of energy that the system consumes at any given time. The following are simple tips that will come in handy in helping you fix common blower unit problems.

Fixing a blower that does not blow air

A furnace whose blower doesn't move air won't be able to deliver warm air to your home, because at any given time the heating area won't have enough air to heat. Also, any heated air will have trouble reaching your home since it won't have enough push to reach there.

If you notice that your system's motor runs but the blower doesn't, then you have a belt problem. The belt is what transfers the motor's rotation to the blower, causing it to move air into and out of the heating system. If this belt has broken or severely worn out, this transfer of power will be nonexistent, crippling the air-moving ability of the blower.

To fix this problem, start by turning the furnace off and then gaining access to the blower by removing the furnace cabinet's front door. Blower belts usually have specific numbers stamped on their surfaces. Look for this number and then use it to find an exact match for your belt from the local supply store. Remove the old belt from the system and then take the new perfect-fitting belt and place it onto the motor pulley. Now, start the belt's other end on the second pulley and then slowly rotate the pulley.

Fixing a blower that runs nonstop

To help ensure furnaces are efficient as far as energy use is concerned, they are usually fitted with thermostats. These devices usually help to ensure that different parts of the furnace run only when it is necessary. The blower usually runs only when the furnace is in operation. However, the thermostat has a fan switch that can force the blower to run even when heating has stopped. If your furnace's blower runs nonstop, this switch is likely turned to an ON position. To ensure that your blower runs only when it is necessary, simply turn it to the AUTO position. Doing this will go a long way towards improving the efficiency of your furnace.

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