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Tips To Help You Understand When You Need To Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

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If it seems as if your air conditioner runs 24 hours a day and yet there are still many days where your home is uncomfortably warm, it may be time to upgrade the unit. While it is easy to assume that sky-high energy costs are simply the norm, they are also a common sign of an overworked air conditioner. Therefore, the following information about how experts will determine the need for a new air conditioner will be very helpful.

Determine What The Issues Are

If you have added rooms or space to your home in recent years, the air conditioning unit that you had been using before may not be of adequate size to cool the expanded space. In order to make that determination, you will need to ask an energy efficiency expert to provide you with an energy assessment.

Some energy companies give that service. If your energy company cannot provide that service, they are likely to be able to refer you to someone who can. An energy assessment will find any problem areas that could benefit from extra insulation or spots where treated air is escaping from your home. If no major issues exist that would cause your air conditioner to be overly taxed, you may find that your best option is to upgrade the entire unit.

Know When Your Air Conditioner Is Not The Most Cost Efficient Choice

You may have discovered that there are no spots for leaky air to escape and your home has the right amount of insulation in the appropriate areas. However, if your air conditioner is still working too hard in the vain attempt to get your home to a reasonable temperature, it may be time for an upgrade.

In that instance, the air conditioning installation expert should assess the following aspects of your home:

  • Its total square footage

  • Average temperature and weather in your area

  • Type, size and location of your windows

  • Placement, type and size of the insulation

  • Ventilation opportunities

  • Needs and expectations of everyone in the home about the anticipated results of the unit

When the installation expert has gotten answers to the above questions, he or she will be able to compile a load calculation. That information will allow you to get a personalized recommendation for your new unit.

In conclusion, upgrading your air conditioner is a big decision. Since it will often allow you to have a cooler home and save money while doing so, it is a good idea to be aware of the information provided above when you are making that tough choice. Check out a site like for more on this topic.