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Ask Your Plumber These Questions After The Job Is Done

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When you're faced with a plumbing emergency, it's important to call a plumber right away and stay out of his or her way until the job is done. Allowing this contractor to work quickly and uninterrupted increases the likelihood of your plumbing problem being resolved with minimal damage to your home – which can help keep the repair bill low. Once the plumber wraps up the project and is filling out your invoice, it's beneficial to ask a series of questions that can help you better understand the issue that was just fixed, as well as limit the risk of it taking place again. Here are three important questions to ask.

Was There Something I Did That Contributed To This Problem?

In some cases, such as a child flushing a toy down the toilet, there will be little doubt as to the cause of your plumbing problem. In other situations, however, the cause won't be so clear – which makes it important to ask about. Experienced plumbers should be able to give you a likely or definite reason for the problem, which can help you avoid running into it in the future. For example, if you've had a pipe leak in your wall, the plumber might indicate that repeatedly slamming the taps shut after using them could have led to excessive vibration that worked a pipe joint loose over time.

What's The First Thing I Should Do If This Happens Again?

It's always valuable to know how to quickly respond to a plumbing emergency to limit damage to your home. Even if a plumber is available 24 hours a day, the onus will be on you to control the situation until he or she arrives. Your plumber should provide you with some tips on mitigating the issue as soon as you notice it. For example, turning off the water supply is a quick fix for a fixture that is leaking.

Are There Any At-Home Fixes I Can Try?

Even though plumbers want your business, those who are reputable will provide you with knowledge that can help save you money in the future. When you ask this question, you can expect your plumber to explain the ease with which the average person can fix the problem – perhaps with the help of a tool from a home improvement store. For a clogged toilet, for example, the plumber might recommend that you get a toilet auger to address the issue.

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