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Smelly Furnace: What Does It Mean?

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When things begin to smell around your house, it may be time to look at your furnace. A variety of unpleasant odors can signal serious issues with your heating system. So if somethings smells in your heating vents, you may need to take action.


If you notice a musty smell coming through your heating vents, it may be due to mold in a furnace filter or humidifier filter. Obviously, changing the furnace filter regularly is necessary to keep your furnace running efficiently, but if you have a humidifier attached to your furnace, you need to keep its filter clean as well. Check this filter at least once a year and clean as necessary. Letting mold spores flow throughout your home means exposing your family to potentially dangerous respiratory problems. 

Burning Smell

A burning smell may signal that something is in your heating vents that does not belong. Check to see if the vents are clear by shining a flashlight into them. You may be able to retrieve bits of plastic or other debris that is melting. If you cannot find the source, you should call your HVAC specialist. They can locate the objects and remove them. If there is nothing trapped in the vents, your issue could be more serious. You might have a problem with the furnace blower or other defective parts. Your specialist can repair those problems. 

Rotten Eggs

When you smell rotten eggs coming from your furnace, you need to take immediate action. This smell means that you definitely have a gas leak. Gas is naturally odorless, so chemicals are added to it so you receive a warning when you have a leak. Experts say that you should immediately turn off the thermostat. Next, get all your family members and pets a distance away from the house. Then you should call your gas company. Do not go back into the home until help arrives. You can easily be overcome by fumes, and your home can explode. 

If your furnace smells, you may have a serious problem. Do not ignore an obvious odor or simply try to mask it with sprays or candles. Investigate the source. In some instances, you will be able to correct the problem yourself. If you are unable to do so, contact your HVAC professional for assistance. When something stinks in and around your furnace, you need to hold your nose and take action. 

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