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3 Maintenance Tasks To Help Ensure Your Ductless AC Is In Good Shape All Summer

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The spring months are a great time to start doing maintenance around your home, including maintenance to an AC unit, which will need to be carried out throughout the summer as well. Ductless air conditioners often get neglected, which can be the start of problems. They really need to have just as much maintenance done to them. Here are some maintenance tasks to ensure your ductless AC is cooling you down throughout the heat of summer:

1. Changing The Filter And Checking The Indoor Unit

There are many things that get neglected with ductless AC systems, such as the filter. Just like any other type of air conditioning, it is important to change the filter regularly with a ductless system. You system may have a cleanable type of filter, which needs to be removed and cleaned at least once every couple of months or more often if you use the AC a lot or have dusty conditions in or around your home.

2. Cleaning The Outdoor Unit When It Becomes Dirty

Another component of a ductless air conditioner that may get overlooked it the outdoor unit. It is another area of your AC that can become dirty and may need cleaning. To reduce problems with things like tree debris, you may want to build an open shelter to protect the unit. When it does become dirty, cleaning the unit can help improve performance and energy efficiency.

3. Checking The Thermostat, Controls And Remote Regularly

The thermostat and other components of the controls of your AC may also need to be checked. With a ductless AC system, the unit may be high on a wall or ceiling and out of reach, this means that a conventional thermostat may be installed on the wall, which can be wired or use batteries. To ensure your ductless AC is working properly, you will want to inspect all these components of your system to ensure that it is working properly. If you have a remote to control your AC, you may also want to check that it has new batteries in it. You can use rechargeable batteries for these components and charge them every month or when they need to be changed.

These are some of the maintenance tasks for your ductless AC that you will not want to neglect this summer. If you think your system needs to be serviced, contact an HVAC repair service for additional info and to get help with the maintenance and repairs your ductless AC needs.