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Hot Dog: Determining When To Leave The AC On For Your Pet

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Dogs are more than just pets for some people; they are beloved family members. If you are planning to be away from home for lengthy periods of time during the warm summer months, you may be wondering whether or not you need to leave your air conditioner running to keep your dog comfortable while you are away.

Here are three things that you should take into consideration when making that decision in the future.

1. The condition of your dog's health.

Dogs regulate their body temperature by panting. While it's true that dogs can sweat through the pads located on their paws, sometimes this sweating process isn't efficient enough to keep a dog cool. By panting, your dog can circulate cool air throughout his or her body, ensuring that body temperature doesn't get too high.

If your dog suffers from lung or respiratory issues, panting efficiency could be compromised. To prevent your dog from overheating while you are away, keep your air conditioner running to maintain a cool ambient temperature that will prevent the need for your dog to cool down through panting.

2. The breed of your dog.

One simple way to determine whether or not leaving your air conditioner running while you are away from home is a good idea is to take the breed of your dog into consideration. Brachycephalic breeds have short noses, compact skulls, and compressed respiratory systems that can make panting difficult.

If your dog is classified as brachycephalic (like a Pug, Bulldog, or Pekingese), leaving the air conditioner on will help your pet maintain a safe body temperature while you are away from home.

3. Your dog's behavior.

Paying close attention to your dog's behavior when the air conditioner is running in your home can help you determine his or her personal preferences when it comes to temperature. If you notice that your dog spends a lot of time hanging out near the air conditioning vent when your AC unit is running, this could be a sign that your pet prefers a cooler climate.

If your dog seeks patches of sunshine, then he or she might be more comfortable in a slightly warmer environment. Paying attention to your dog's behavior will help you decide if you need to leave the air conditioner running while you are away.

Keeping your dog comfortable during the warm summer months doesn't have to be difficult. Carefully consider your dog's health, breed, and personal preferences to determine if leaving the air conditioner running while you are away from home would be beneficial. To make sure that your air conditioning is functioning well enough to keep your dog comfortable, check out websites like