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Dependent On AC For Health Reasons? How Residential AC Services Can Help

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Respiratory health conditions, such as asthma, as well as some types of coronary and immune issues can make hot, humid living conditions untenable for adults and children, alike. For most of these patients, residential air conditioning is the key to a healthy home atmosphere, even in the hottest, most humid weather conditions. 

Like any mechanical system, however, residential air conditioning systems can break down or wear out, posing a serious problem for those rely on it for their health. This is why it is important for households dependent on air conditioning for their health to find ways to minimize the chance of a cooling malfunction and this information can help. 

Prioritize regular servicing

Routine servicing performed by a trained air conditioning technician is a health checkup for your HVAC system. As part of this type of regular servicing, the technician can inspect the HVAC system, clean the inner workings, and examine all parts and components for wear or damage that could lead to a subsequent system failure. Homeowners with newer air conditioning systems may find that an annual service call prior to the start of their cooling season will be sufficient, but those with more marginal systems may want to schedule more frequent visits. 

Change filters more often  

Clogged filters force your air conditioning system to work harder than it normally would, resulting in increased wear on parts and components. In addition, a filter that is no longer allowing air to flow freely will be an inefficient one that wastes energy and may even result in an uncomfortably warm or humid home. Frequent air filter changes will help to reduce this type of wear and improve both efficiency and comfort for the occupants of the home. 

Upgrade systems before failure occurs

Families who depend on air conditioning for health reasons should consider planning aggressively for regular A/C system upgrades. Instead of trying to extend the lifespan of their system for as long as possible, homeowners in this situation should consider planning to upgrade or replace their system's components well before the manufacturer's suggested lifespan. 

Connect the system to an emergency generator

The condition of the AC system becomes insignificant without electrical power. Homeowners who live in areas where storm- or wildfire-related electrical outages are common will want to consider installing an emergency generator system capable of powering either their main AC unit or a smaller, window unit to provide a cool area in the home where their family can be comfortable until power is restored.

To learn more about keeping your air conditioning system operating reliably, homeowners can contact a local AC service company to have their current system inspected and serviced.